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Early Warning Signs You May Have Mold

You have remodeled your home and you love every part of it. Despite the problems that many people go through like contractors, you are happy to have finished and started decorating your home. With time, you start to notice a smell in various rooms in the house when the rains begin. The first thing that you will suspect is mold and you start looking for signs of water such as discoloration on the walls, ceiling or even puddles of water. You find nothing but the smell is still there, getting even stronger with time. What do you do next?

The first thing you need to do is locating the source of the mold, what’s creating it and what’s feeding it. Just like plants, molds needs nutrients and moisture to grow. When there is a leakage, there is a creation of a perfect ground for mold growth. You will need to find if there is any leakage though it can sometimes be difficult. If you can visibly see or smell the mold, there is no need to spend money on mold testing. The process will include cleaning the mold, locating the source of the moisture and fixing it. If you think you may have mold, get in touch with one of the Action 1 Restoration locations to get a mold removal estimate –

What Is Mold

Molds are fungi. They grow naturally and built environment. In nature, molds play a big role in breaking down dead material. Molds should never be allowed to grow indoors because of the many health complications it could bring. Contact with the molds can also cause complication, especially if swallowed.

The type and severity of the health effects that mold produces are usually difficult to predict. The risk can vary from one location to another and from person to person. There are some people that might be affected more than others, these include; Elderly people, infants, and children, people with respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies and persons with weakened immune systems.
Below are some of the early signs that you may have mold

Noticeable mold odors

This is one of the most practical ways to find molds in your home by using your eyes to look for mold growth and by using the nose to locate the exact location of the source. The smell is a sure way to get the exact way to get the location because the smell gets stronger as you get closer. If you see mold or an musty or earthy smell, you should assume the mold problem exists.

Mold Growth Becomes Visible

Mold Damage Near WindowIt may appear cottony, granular, velvety or leathery and vary in different colors like white, brown, green, yellow, black and gray. Many times, it appears as staining, discoloration or fuzzy growth on the surface of the building materials and furnishing. When the mold is visible, there is no need for testing.
You might notice excess moisture or water damage
Look for any standing water, water leaks, condensation problems and water stains. The best places to start looking is the carpet, walls, ceilings, woodwork and other building materials.
You can find some additional warning signs over here.

You start noticing allergy-like symptoms

There are some common conditions that you might start to notice. Some of these symptoms include;
  • Nasal and sinus congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Wheeze/breathing difficulties
  • Persistent cough
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Skin and eye irritation

Exterior of the house appears to be wet

You might notice that there are areas on the exterior of the house appear to be wet or doesn’t dry days after rainy weather. This could indicate the presence of water in the walls or cavities that are holding the water and preventing it from escaping.

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What Equipment Is Required For Water Damage Restoration?

Some OF The Equipment Used By The Action 1 Restoration Team

Having water damage on any property is likely to be a devastating scenario. This is why it is very important to hire professional restoration experts who deal with water damage on a regular basis. By doing this, you are making sure that the job is done properly. It is not worth taking a short cut and trying to fix things yourself, nor is it any use hiring a company that is not trained to do the job, nor has the right equipment. This is just some of the equipment that is used during a water damage restoration and cleanup project.
JonDon Mega 3 Water Extraction Machine

Water Removal Equipment

Water extraction and removal is usually the first stage in any water damage repair project. Some of the equipment we use was purchased from a company like JonDon for water removal and drying. Some of the equipment you may see some of our partner contractors use is the Mega 3, Dry-Eaz or even the Phoenix Hydro. Our team uses the best equipment to produce the best possible outcome to help restore your home.

Visit for an immediate water removal and extraction team that can help you today.

Drying Equipment

Large_air_blowers_DryoutIn order to help dry out the property, it is essential to have high powered drying equipment. The quicker the water is removed, the less damage there will be, and the sooner the repairs can start. Our Professionals will use the latest high-powered air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to help in drying out your home.


Chemical Based Cleaners

When it comes to water problems, toxins can be one of the main problems. This is because the water contains a lot of bacteria that contaminates everything that it comes into contact with. By making use of chemical cleaners, they will quickly rid the affected areas of bacteria and microorganisms. Depending on the type of water, (clear, grey or black) will determine what is needed for the cleaning and sanitation.

Demolition Equipment

In certain cases, some demolition may need to take place due to the water damage. This means that a full repair can take place to ensure the property is as good as new. Visit to learn more about our water damage restoration services.

Mentioned above are some pieces of equipment that a professional water damage restoration company will use. One of the most important things is to bring them in quickly, as this can help reduce the total amount of damage. The longer the water is sitting around, the more damage it will cause. This means that repairs take much longer, and the overall cost will be higher. As soon as one of the partner team members from Action 1 Restoration arrives, we assess the situation so we know what equipment is going to be needed for the water damage restoration project.

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Why Water Removal Is Important To Protect Against Mold

Protect Your Home And Your Family With Mold Prevention After A Water Exposure

When a home is flooded or damaged by water, many homeowners focus on the visible signs. They mop up puddles, air out rooms, and try to salvage as much as they can from the wreckage. What they often do not realize is that a lot of damage can take place in places that are hidden from view. A professional water removal company utilizes additional tools like thermal imaging and moisture meters to help ensure that any hidden pockets of water are taken care of.

Water can easily seep underneath floorboards or go behind the walls of a home. If these hidden pockets of water are not cleaned up and dried out right away, they can create the perfect environment for mold and mildew. Often, these can start to grow within 48 hours from the time the water was sitting.

Mold Damage Near WindowLearn more about our water removal and extraction services over at

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they have mold growing in their homes until it is too late. Cleaning up a full-fledged mold infestation can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. In some very rare cases, the only solution is to tear down the home and rebuild it from scratch.
To avoid such problems, you need to make sure that you clean everything up thoroughly after your home has been damaged by water. By calling Action 1 Restoration, you can get the cleanup process started right away so that mold and mildew are unable to gain a foothold in your home.

Mold spores are everywhere, and most of the time they do not cause any problems. The vast majority of them will never land anywhere that provides a hospitable environment. However, if they do happen to find a resting place that is warm and damp, they can start to grow almost immediately.
When they do, they can cause huge blooms of mold that can send billions of spores into the air. At these levels, these spores can be a real health hazards. People with respiratory problems or weak immune systems can quickly fall ill if they are exposed to too many mold spores.

Replacing Mouldy DrywallIn addition, mold can even weaken the structure of your home. If a mold infestation grows too large, it can start to eat into the wood in your home. You may not even realize that this damage is happening until it is too late, since most of it is taking place behind your walls or underneath your floorboards.
Because of the danger posed by mold, you need to make sure that water is removed from all areas of your home right away. Just mopping up the visible puddles and pools of water is not enough. You need to call Action 1 Restoration so we can clean up all the water, both visible and hidden from view.

Thoroughly cleaning up, drying out, and disinfecting a home after a flood is a big job that requires specialized equipment. Rather than trying to do it all on your own, you need to call in the professionals so that you can feel confident that the job was done properly. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling victim to a mold problem. Learn more about mold and our mold removal services –

Once our partner team arrives at your home, we will start to remove the water, the cleanup process and repair your home. We will also perform a thorough inspection to look for any signs of mold. Mold often does not leave any visible signs at first, so this inspection needs to be conducted with the right tools. After we finish extracting the water and drying out your home, we use moisture meters to test the humidity levels in your home.

Water removal is vital if you want to protect yourself against mold and other health hazards. To avoid these problems, call Action 1 Restoration right away to get the water removal process started immediately.

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